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Austin Downtown Founder Lions Club


Julien C Hyer Awards

presented to the Club and Lion Wayne Orlowski for the generous continuing support to this Program

Julien C Hyer award

Service Event - H.O.P.E. program

HOPE Group

H.O.P.E. (Healthy Options Program for the Elderly) is a collaboration between Meals on Wheels and More and the Capital Area Food Bank. On the second Saturday of each month, volunteers deliver bags of non-perishable bags of groceries to the homes of clients in need. 

Our Club meets at H.O.P.E. every other month to get 425 bags of groceries ready for delivery. 

White Cane Day - October 15, 2013

White Cane Day

History of the White Cane:

People who are blind have used canes as a mobility tool for centuries, but, it was not until after WWI that the white cane was introduced.

In the United States the introduction of the white cane is attributed to George A. Bonham of the Lions Club International. 
In 1930 a Lions Club member watched as a man who was blind attempted to cross the street with a black cane that was barely visible to motorists against dark pavement.
The Lions decided to paint the cane white to make it more visible.
In 1931, Lions Clubs International began a program promoting the use of white canes for people who are blind.

The first special white cane ordinance was passed in December 1930 in Peoria, Illinois granting blind pedestrians protections and the right-of-way while carrying a white cane.

Do You Like to Serve the Community?

Join us!

Come get to know the Lions and join us for a delicious catered lunch, an interesting program and wonderful fellowship for an hour every Thursday at 11:30 at the Wells Fargo Bank Tower, 400 W. 15th Street, 3rd floor Conference Room.

Lunch is on us for your first meeting as a guest, but registration is required. Please see the calendar for more information and to register to attend our next meeting.

Lions International logoWant to help us give sight to the world? Find local eye glass recycling drop-off locations here: CLICK HERE

According to The World Health Organization, 153 million people have uncorrected refractive errors (near-sightedness, far-sightedness or astigmatism). Most of these vision impairments are quickly diagnosed and easy to treat with corrective lenses.

Still, millions of people in developing nations are pushed deeper into poverty simply because they don't have glasses. They can't learn, because reading is difficult. They can't work to the best of their ability, because they can't see clearly.

It costs Lions less than US$0.08 to provide a pair of recycled eyeglasses and change someone's life. For children, clear vision means a better education, healthier development and a better quality of life. For adults, it means greater employment opportunity and economic strength. For seniors it means less dependence on others.

Lions clubs collect millions of eyeglasses each year, making eyeglass recycling one of our most popular activities. Will you help us in our mission to give sight to the world? Donate your used glasses today!

A History of Quality and Service

Donations, philanthropy, civic duty

Established in Austin Texas in 1916, our club has been known as the Austin Lions Club, the Lions Club of Austin, and the Downtown Lions Club. In 1976, the name was formally changed to the Founder Lions Club of Austin. We are now known as the Austin Downtown Founder Lions Club and the history of the Austin Downtown Founder Lions Club is a long one of quality and service.

Past and present members include many of the most prominent names in both Austin and Texas' history - U.S. Congressman J.J. "Jake" Pickle, Austin mayor Gus Garcia, both Willie Kocurek and his son Neal Kocurek, and more - all dedicated to the service of humanity through the spirit of Lionism and its many community outreach programs.

We admit we are a bit proud of our status as the "world's oldest continuously operating Lions Club, but, we like to think that our efforts in community service are typical of Lions Clubs the world over. It's a story of garage sales, golf tournaments, rose sales and other kinds of fund raisers. It's a story of answering the needs of the community and of disadvantaged groups and individuals, through efforts such as our Eyeglasses Recycling program, support of the Texas Lions Camp, eyeglasses for students and other projects. And it's a story of building and working with other Lions Clubs to promote teamwork in service.

We are perhaps most proud, however, to be a part of Lions Clubs International, which provides the opportunity to support nonpartisan service activities that are worldwide in scope. Through Lions International we can help fight blindness and other social problems around the world while promoting international understanding, and that's what makes our association so special. The club participates in projects with other clubs in surrounding counties known as Lions District 2-S3

Members of the Austin Downtown Founder Lions Club Donating $10,000 to support The Texas Lions Camp for Disabled Children (pic)

 TLC donation 2012

Upcoming Speakers & Events

24 Apr 2014 11:45 AM • 700 Dawson Rd, Austin TX, 78704
28 Apr 2014 11:00 AM • 3227 E 5th Street, Austin TX
10 May 2014 8:00 AM • Georgetown
13 May 2014 1:00 PM • Lions Municipal Golf Course, 2901 Enfield Rd, Austin TX
22 Jul 2014 9:00 AM • 3227 E 5th Street, Austin TX

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Making a Difference Through Community Service - We Serve.

These are some of the organizations we are proud to support through the donations raised by our community efforts:

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World Services for the Blind
Texas School for the Blind and Visually Impaired

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